About Us

This company is a dream vision of Mr. Nirpesh Chaudhary It is his single points focus and bulldog like determination combined with extreme hard work that the company is where it stands now. No compromise on quality and zero tolerance to mediocre thoughts actions and performance is how this company goes. When dreams are big comforts need to be sacrificed for the betterment of future is what this company and all its members firmly believe and stand for.

This company has 2 divisions
  1. Aptroshine
  2. HS Aldem
Aptroshine covers Cardio Diabetic Neuropsychological products and HS Aldem covers general products. The reason is single minded focus so that we get better at what we do. The whole production chain, inventory, logistics, distribution, feedback and research and development are streamlined for both divisions by very talented and able team members.

Our Mission

Leading provider of chosen pharmaceutical products Stressing on sustained ability standards at all times. we produce limited compounds of world standards. strong focus or logistics and availability of our products.

Our Objectives

1. Add 3 compounds per year.

2. Consult With 1000 Physicians per year.

3. Sustain quality standards of WHO & GMP to be met.

4. 360-degree Feedback from Consumers and prescribing Physicians.

5. Enhance Availability as required.